We flew fans to Ibiza and they went crazy... (HOSPITAL)


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  • NELK
    NELKÅr siden

    Season 3 Premiere Shotgunning Beers in Church???

  • Lildee Fashoo

    Lildee Fashoo

    26 dager siden

    Yea gotta get with the Boys buss a couple 🥃as

  • Rampage Dxddy

    Rampage Dxddy

    Måned siden

    Full send

  • Drxeam Green

    Drxeam Green

    Måned siden


  • John Mathe

    John Mathe

    2 måneder siden

    Its Fucking Disgusting that you immature Ass holes have no respect for other peoples property and belongings you should try growing up a bit!!!!

  • Dvin Zargarian

    Dvin Zargarian

    3 måneder siden

    You guys should hire an RN for the team BOYS lmfaoo! hmu ill give you guys fucking Iv bags of potassium and other vitamins for the hang overs, N.S., if bradley martyn sells you some bad coke that he cuts with fentyl I give you narcan to save you, I can stitch you up with a kiss too LETS GOOO!!!!

    GHOSTRIDERTime siden

    “What’s her name” “Niga” “😧”

  • Krissda Black
    Krissda Black12 timer siden

    I think I’d die for

  • BenNguyen253
    BenNguyen253Dag siden

    Is hookers a tax write off?

  • Cold Blooded
    Cold BloodedDag siden

    No way man I wish I coulda went and partied with you guys September 30th was my 21st bday 😂😂

  • Mumbo gumbo
    Mumbo gumboDag siden

    when you realize why 90 left nelk and now you know why he is so pissed when they were on jetskis

  • Apalaka


    Dag siden

    He was in NELK when they were on the jet skis

  • Tom Comyn
    Tom ComynDag siden

    When’s the American trip happening

  • Jonny Tran
    Jonny TranDag siden

    No fkn waaaaaay lol are those females that came in to the pool area all escorts?! Nelk boys know how to fkn send hahahahaha Mad love from Australia get the fk down here boys

  • One Blue Boi
    One Blue Boi2 dager siden

    "wins" a trip to get hazed by NELK for 3 days straight Lmao wtf

  • Vicente Pliego Ruiz
    Vicente Pliego Ruiz3 dager siden

    The beginning got me dying 😂

  • Xavier Silvas
    Xavier Silvas4 dager siden

    steve straight up said nigga (,: im dead

  • Mr. Fudlapper
    Mr. Fudlapper6 dager siden

    Pretty sure they didn’t give them another trip to the clout house lmao....real nice

  • BD 23

    BD 23

    22 timer siden

    I was thinking the same thing..

  • Mr. Fudlapper
    Mr. Fudlapper6 dager siden

    It’s good to become an alcoholic, beers and birds baby

  • Keaton Ralston
    Keaton Ralston6 dager siden

    Hell yea same name, I should've been the Keaton lmao @FULLSEND

  • Oliver Rogers
    Oliver Rogers7 dager siden

    hahahaha the dog’s name😂😂😂😂

  • Zach._.1009 _
    Zach._.1009 _8 dager siden

    Why does Steve remind me of a shorter Rob Gronkowski

    FUNNY VIDEOS SALGADO10 dager siden

    I feel bad for 9-0 his lame afk like dude have fun .

  • Eire
    Eire11 dager siden

    9 o is sour

  • nate cote
    nate cote12 dager siden

    Glad 90 gooooone

  • Mike Oz
    Mike Oz13 dager siden

    You guys are amazing!!! Can I please meet you!!!! I live in the GTA love your channel and I'm a sub

  • Trey Branch
    Trey Branch13 dager siden

    I can fuckin party way harder then both these groups alone

  • Blake Thompson
    Blake Thompson14 dager siden

    Brooo u guys and especially Steve r sooo SAVAGE!!!!!! KEEP UP THE DOPPEE ASS VIDEOS

  • ladam97
    ladam9716 dager siden

    90's a piece of shit

  • Anthony Carosella
    Anthony Carosella17 dager siden

    "Dem boys"

  • Bishop Moore
    Bishop Moore17 dager siden

    Blackout drunk Jesse is underrated

  • Devan
    Devan18 dager siden

    Let’s fucking go

  • Corey Thibault
    Corey Thibault18 dager siden

    Can someone tell me the rappers name and the name of the sing at 12:22 seconds thanks

  • Tyxonn 711
    Tyxonn 71119 dager siden

    The fuck is the budget of this channel

  • Zach Harrell
    Zach Harrell19 dager siden

    Hand down one of the funniest thing ive ever seen on youtube keep it up boys

  • Ray Velez
    Ray Velez19 dager siden

    What song was that playing after he spilled coffee on him

  • thatdoitforth elols guy
    thatdoitforth elols guy21 dag siden

    905 is just socially awkward! On Gawd!

  • Kenny Ziegler
    Kenny Ziegler21 dag siden

    Some people say shit like "I could do this if I were a rich douche bag." Like bro, you're douchebag on a budget and you don't have a percentage of the talent or dope ass personality of any of the boys. These guys worked their asses off for the money, the subs, and the hookers. And if you don't believe that, then in the words of Steve "I don't fuck with any of you."

  • Frank Madsen
    Frank Madsen21 dag siden

    What is the track ID Starting at 20:25?? I am surprised no one has asked yet and Nelk didn’t put it in the tracklist of songs being used. Please someone give me the name!

  • Brendan Casey
    Brendan Casey21 dag siden

    need an invite

  • Abhishek Dhar
    Abhishek Dhar22 dager siden

    Who else thinks 9-0 doesn't deserve to be in the gang.......

  • Kyle McCarthy
    Kyle McCarthy23 dager siden

    nelk sold their soul. what a shame

  • Jayden
    Jayden23 dager siden

    When they said the dogs name I started dying

  • Johny Runner
    Johny Runner23 dager siden

    Me and my boyyys better be this fucken rich one day

    DELTAxGAMER24 dager siden

    What a banger!

  • Weston Wanous
    Weston Wanous24 dager siden

    Song at 12:17?

  • Noah Ark
    Noah Ark24 dager siden

    predict joe Biden winning the election next time plz

  • hayden allen
    hayden allen25 dager siden

    @17:45 buddy was gone

  • Ryan Zink
    Ryan Zink25 dager siden

    90 such an ungrateful bitch

  • Not your average Andy
    Not your average Andy25 dager siden

    Lmaooo that guy with the ravens hat weird ash

  • It The Nigga clown
    It The Nigga clown27 dager siden

    wish 9 0 was still in nelk

  • Walkener Toilolo
    Walkener ToiloloMåned siden

    I was just as pumped to hear the dogs name was NIGA

  • Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas GonzalezMåned siden

    Fly me out NELKS

  • Charles Boyle
    Charles BoyleMåned siden


  • Yvonne Ortega
    Yvonne OrtegaMåned siden

    Kyle is 🤤

  • Carter Pratt
    Carter PrattMåned siden

    This was the last time we saw 90 in a Nelk video

  • Christian Fontenot
    Christian FontenotMåned siden

    Hospitalized you mean jk but fr steve is my favorite nelk boy

  • Ryan Streb
    Ryan StrebMåned siden

    My favorite NELK moment ever “there’s a fucking dog names nigga, I didn’t write the rules”

  • Nicholas Laredo
    Nicholas LaredoMåned siden

    When they heard the name I couldn’t stop laughing

  • fortnite givezAcc
    fortnite givezAccMåned siden

    lol niga

  • Typical Guy
    Typical GuyMåned siden

    The dogs name lol

  • Manny
    MannyMåned siden


  • vedant brahmbhatt
    vedant brahmbhattMåned siden

    the dog part killed me

  • Seby Gomez
    Seby GomezMåned siden

    905 was sucha douche

  • Aidan Besler
    Aidan BeslerMåned siden

    Illinois gang and way to go hard

  • Patrick Perales
    Patrick PeralesMåned siden

    Rm 219 Vanderventer Apt San Angelo Texas 76909 party?

  • Michael Koch
    Michael KochMåned siden


  • Snzizzle T
    Snzizzle TMåned siden

    Steve 2020?????? He will do it

  • Ivan Bago
    Ivan BagoMåned siden

    Whats the song at 12:18

  • Carl Winslow
    Carl WinslowMåned siden

    Taking out 90 and putting in Salim n Jay was the best for the channel!!!

  • Bigdilf Dontdodat
    Bigdilf DontdodatMåned siden

    90 shooter was on his period 😂❄️

  • Brayennn Cerda
    Brayennn CerdaMåned siden

    The dogs name is NIGA if you posted that now on boy would all the girls named EMILY get mad

  • Copelynn Willingham
    Copelynn WillinghamMåned siden

    I never laughed so hard at a video in my life😭

  • Ratsienhawe n8tive
    Ratsienhawe n8tiveMåned siden

    true Canadians say bud lmao. I'm a native American

  • jeremiah sheehan
    jeremiah sheehanMåned siden

    bro mans cant hang 9:45

  • Luis Carrillo
    Luis CarrilloMåned siden

    Dope.May God always keep you guys the same.La Familia.De su compa FlacoC.M.

    INSANE DANNYMåned siden

    If you get mad at the NELK BOYS saying nigga get tf out of this channel pussy

    TRONALD DUMPMåned siden

    “There’s a German Shepard named Niga, I didn’t make the fucking rules” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • dylan jordan
    dylan jordanMåned siden

    I honestly love Steve bro hahahahaha. Dudes hilarious. “ fuckin German shepherd named Niga, I didn’t write the rules” hahahahaha best line. Full send boys. Full send

  • TopFinesse _
    TopFinesse _Måned siden


  • Everyday e
    Everyday eMåned siden

    can we get an F for their liver

  • Wiley page
    Wiley pageMåned siden

    Fuck 9-0 and his ugly depleted looking ass

  • Dime PS
    Dime PSMåned siden

    How did that Clout house trip workout? prob so dead ass sweet n really lit cool

  • steven lath
    steven lathMåned siden

    9-0 is such a bitch

  • Julio Rosales
    Julio RosalesMåned siden

    Steve sneaking in lines to keep going

  • LEO
    LEOMåned siden

    miss this spain vlog

  • Juan Rivera
    Juan RiveraMåned siden

    I’m watching all of Nelks older videos and I remember why they took out 9-O was always a fuckin bitch

  • One Kenosi
    One KenosiMåned siden

    Can't believe they're playing Nasty C!

  • Hëłłboÿ_ 21
    Hëłłboÿ_ 21Måned siden

    Love the vids buh if you can’t feel anything after 27 shots than why drink😅

  • Russell Mania
    Russell ManiaMåned siden

    Beer drinking and paint balling should be a combined Olympic sport.

  • WoOzYwOpPeR
    WoOzYwOpPeRMåned siden


  • Randy Alcantar
    Randy AlcantarMåned siden


  • Myst_Fax
    Myst_FaxMåned siden

    The poor dog😭💀💀 he getting lit to just buy licking the floor

  • Soft
    SoftMåned siden

    1:09 LMFAO

  • Miguel Escobar
    Miguel EscobarMåned siden


  • Americas Finest
    Americas FinestMåned siden


  • Kool Kidz
    Kool KidzMåned siden

    Chicago Senders

  • Owen Carroll
    Owen CarrollMåned siden

    The winner for America should be brought back.

  • Javier Gallegos films
    Javier Gallegos filmsMåned siden

    13:40 Morty 🙃

  • Mills Vining
    Mills ViningMåned siden

    Imajine now embarrassing getting stitches in Ibiza would be

  • Jesse Haetta
    Jesse HaettaMåned siden

    Quality video boys

  • Ommar Hamad
    Ommar HamadMåned siden

    The dogs name 💀

  • Nate Ofenlock
    Nate OfenlockMåned siden

    Damn 2 top comments about how 9-0s personality is shit

  • Dillon Ax
    Dillon AxMåned siden

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  • Kevin Hwang
    Kevin HwangMåned siden

    she said the dogs name was "nigga"

  • Ricky Perez
    Ricky PerezMåned siden

    Fucking A! Get a Texas boy on a trip with the boys! 💯