Stealing Soccer Balls from Real Games in England PRANK!


Music by:
Arizona Zervas - Drinking Problems
888Rockett - Benzo
888Rockett - Money Talk
Tom The Mailman - Back Around
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  • NELK
    NELKÅr siden

    Give the video a thumbs up if we should do this in spain or portugal 😳

  • Joslyne supan

    Joslyne supan

    2 dager siden

    Yeah yeah yeah lol @Jovanny Davila of grey hair it’s

  • Joslyne supan

    Joslyne supan

    2 dager siden


  • Kahekili Rivera

    Kahekili Rivera

    29 dager siden

    Yo i wanna see kyle jus back hand someone

  • Easton Bose

    Easton Bose

    Måned siden


  • Sugoi240


    Måned siden


  • Kay
    Kay4 timer siden

    Bruh id rather hang out with a fucking door handle before 905 lucky he's gone

  • Declan McAllister
    Declan McAllister7 timer siden

    What song is the background music from that they used in the last part of the video? Anybody know?

  • Brady Yaeger
    Brady Yaeger12 timer siden

    The more I look back the more I see how much of a bitch 9-0 is

  • Herr Rürtüter
    Herr RürtüterDag siden

    man I miss 905

  • Alfie leavy
    Alfie leavyDag siden

    Fucking bell ends

  • Cassius Underwood
    Cassius UnderwoodDag siden

    I like how that guy was like leave before I hurt you but Steve would fuck him up

  • Apocalypse
    ApocalypseDag siden

    1 year later and I still feel bad for pat

  • zal nhgbfasdjhgbac
    zal nhgbfasdjhgbacDag siden

    man said nelk went to market roadhow did they survive

  • Michal Stanko
    Michal Stanko2 dager siden

    I like make people mad

  • Tommy 2Times
    Tommy 2Times3 dager siden

    bruh they play soccer.. and they're British.. why do they think they're hard? lmao

  • Jotham J

    Jotham J

    2 dager siden

    English people for you lmao.

  • Spazzin23
    Spazzin233 dager siden

    U know how he pushed you should've knock his shit out that nigga from the football shit

  • Brandon Hodges
    Brandon Hodges4 dager siden

    Why was 9 0 ever in the videos? Dude is so dull and boring, absolutely no personality.

  • Rohan Arora
    Rohan Arora8 dager siden

    to be fair... the guy did say to "go and take the ball"

  • Constantin Shim
    Constantin Shim9 dager siden

    Yall are gonna make them hate americans now.

  • Damoomoo_Plays
    Damoomoo_Plays9 dager siden

    I swear to god if the sentence doesn't curse, it's not a sentence with these lads.

  • Shamu Live
    Shamu Live10 dager siden

    Is 905 still with the Nelk Boys ? Haven’t seen him in any of the 2020 vids

  • SGlucasmusica
    SGlucasmusica11 dager siden

    Camisa do sao paulo

  • TheMan WithNoName
    TheMan WithNoName11 dager siden

    Get rid of 90

  • E
    E13 dager siden

    Post seems like an npc

  • the wiz
    the wiz14 dager siden

    If you hear someone in the uk say bruv to you ya better listen lol

  • aiden lenahan-steele
    aiden lenahan-steele14 dager siden

    he dopsenys deserve to wear santa cruz

  • Parsa 7672
    Parsa 767215 dager siden

    they rlly had christian pulisic and post malone in the video and didnt put them in the title. I miss this nelk

  • Plugged One
    Plugged One16 dager siden

    Aaahh the gang came deep Steve and Pat were ready to knock their ass out!! I know they can’t do anything though

  • Plugged One
    Plugged One16 dager siden

    Wow a fucking Nelk bleep @ 18:52

  • Matthew Elliott
    Matthew Elliott17 dager siden

    Fuckin savage 🤣🤣🤣

  • XanderEynoso
    XanderEynoso17 dager siden

    Idk how they don’t swing on those skinny ball kickin bitches

  • Lilpeepers 420
    Lilpeepers 42018 dager siden

    Dude that was easily one of the funniest pranks I’ve ever seen in one of the smartest ways I’ve ever seen AirDrop being used

  • KingJxke
    KingJxke18 dager siden

    It's just funny they think they can hurt them. But like lets see that in a real fight. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT"

  • Cali Boii
    Cali Boii19 dager siden

    23:35 “Wot wot” 🤣 British people have the most annoying accents

  • Jotham J

    Jotham J

    2 dager siden

    That’s just one of the English accents. Britain is 3 countries bro

  • Jadelyn Pennoyer
    Jadelyn Pennoyer19 dager siden

    The editing thoooooooo✨✨✨

  • Shadow De4dshot
    Shadow De4dshot22 dager siden

    Steve shoulda hit him 😂😂😂

  • Hodgy
    Hodgy22 dager siden

    Post funny af🤣🤣🤣

  • Leo 7109
    Leo 710922 dager siden

    18:53 Sergio Romero

  • Roscoe B
    Roscoe B23 dager siden

    I died at the end 🤣

  • The Truth
    The Truth23 dager siden

    Takes too long to find the soccer part of the video. 😂

  • Evan Webb
    Evan Webb24 dager siden

    Yeah yeah I know your in the wrong but a headbutt with the helmet on would be dope

  • Maddenus
    Maddenus24 dager siden

    17:08 “Get weird with me” -Steve fucking love it

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham26 dager siden

    11:52 Why is no one talking about how Steves standing right there😂😂

  • r97 NeaL
    r97 NeaL28 dager siden

    I think Post has an obsession with the name Skylar.

  • Blake Fulton
    Blake Fulton29 dager siden

    Not going to lie i miss 905

  • andrew bryton
    andrew bryton29 dager siden

    You both were well with in your rights to punch that fucker out you can bet I'd be throwing hands if someone attacked me like that. Fire video tho boys 🔥

  • Markis Washburn
    Markis Washburn29 dager siden

    why did post malone dab 7:55

  • Albert John
    Albert JohnMåned siden

    90 ur gay asf

  • Semper Fidelis W.S.
    Semper Fidelis W.S.Måned siden

    Bb 905 idiot

  • David Lewis
    David LewisMåned siden

    Y'all are fucking nuts

  • chocolate rain drop
    chocolate rain dropMåned siden

    Those football players low key pussies they ain’t scaring no one “ I’ll hurt you bruv” I’d die crying and laughing 😂😂

  • Juan Soto
    Juan SotoMåned siden

    9-0 wack

  • james scott
    james scottMåned siden

    Man City shirt in London ?

  • R
    RMåned siden

    Who is back here watching this from 2021?...... Can i borrow your time machine bro?

  • Cooldbg
    CooldbgMåned siden


  • sebastian cooper
    sebastian cooperMåned siden

    you guys should of had Steve truck one of them

  • Ryan Strahan
    Ryan StrahanMåned siden

    Full send

  • Dylan Dodds
    Dylan DoddsMåned siden

    best outro

  • Zac Moseley
    Zac MoseleyMåned siden

    2:52 lol

  • Antonio Razo
    Antonio RazoMåned siden

    Brad should’ve done this nobody would’ve touched him

  • Kyler Hoholik
    Kyler HoholikMåned siden

    post said my name lmao

  • Diyar Koku
    Diyar KokuMåned siden

    90 a bitch good thing he left.

  • Oscar Cobbe

    Oscar Cobbe

    Måned siden

    Wait why did he leave tho

  • spokker
    spokkerMåned siden

    yo every like equals how drunk they we’re in this video

  • Blake VanDamage
    Blake VanDamageMåned siden

    That balck dude 🤣

  • ItsCentral
    ItsCentralMåned siden

    Nelk when they were still funny

  • Jeff Cockrell
    Jeff CockrellMåned siden

    23:29 guy ran like O |‘’|’’| /\

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam GallagherMåned siden

    This is only how Canadians and Americans party. Spraying stuff on each other batttyyyy boyyyyys

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam GallagherMåned siden

    This is only how Canadians and Americans party. Spraying stuff on each other batttyyyy boyyyyys

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam GallagherMåned siden

    Should of went Peckham

  • Aamer MJ Jassim
    Aamer MJ JassimMåned siden

    football is better than American football just facts

  • Skakid 419
    Skakid 419Måned siden

    9 0 sucked

  • Jesse Inisan
    Jesse InisanMåned siden

    Come to romania fuckers

  • Porter Brinkmann
    Porter BrinkmannMåned siden

    14:39 is by far the best part of the vid

  • Dominick Laxton
    Dominick LaxtonMåned siden

    bro watching steve eat those caps was so hysterical

  • Charles Koenig
    Charles KoenigMåned siden

    I know they were in the wrong but seriously if your a soccer player saying you’ll beat Steve your wrong

  • Nicholas Zaris
    Nicholas ZarisMåned siden

    This is the best video ever

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan WilliamsMåned siden

    Who's watching this before the world went to shit????

  • Skully
    SkullyMåned siden

    23:27 dude the way this guy runs over😂😂😂

  • Cal Deacon
    Cal DeaconMåned siden

    22:08 The guy says 'is this not acceptable' and the caption says 'is this not a sector' lmaooooo

  • x x
    x xMåned siden

    This is the kids of Remi Guillar

  • Andrew Beohler
    Andrew BeohlerMåned siden

    Not the first time birds fought over 9-O

  • GunR
    GunRMåned siden

    damnnn post maloneeeeeee

  • Get me to 200 Subs
    Get me to 200 SubsMåned siden

    These guys got pressured by some cage footballers imagine what would happen with roadmen from south London

  • Kyle Long
    Kyle LongMåned siden


  • Relapse RyzeClaps
    Relapse RyzeClapsMåned siden

    That’s fucking lit

  • JJB 12
    JJB 12Måned siden

    14:38, damn I don’t know why that got me laughing so much

  • Aris Edlund
    Aris EdlundMåned siden

    post be looking lit

  • Iram Felix
    Iram FelixMåned siden

    Post is so wasted 😭😂

    SHINDIGMåned siden

    Don’t be afraid to give the smoke if necessary boys

  • synergy vortex
    synergy vortexMåned siden

    Pro when the whinging Pom said I’ll hurt u I laughed bruh I will kill that whinging there pussy if there is any poms in the comments fight me u pussys

  • larry mc
    larry mcMåned siden

    They really bullied that nigga 9-0 no cap leaving was for his own good😂😂

  • Bart Simpson OFFICIAL
    Bart Simpson OFFICIALMåned siden

    Me tapping through the video: sees post Malone WHAT THE FUKKK???

  • Kkkk Kkkk
    Kkkk KkkkMåned siden

    90 sucks

  • Bailey Copeland
    Bailey CopelandMåned siden

    Imagine they stole footballs in Scotland, you’d get your head kicked in without a second thought

  • DB_Pelta :0
    DB_Pelta :0Måned siden

    Lucky he didn’t carry a shank bro.

  • Kyle Helton
    Kyle HeltonMåned siden

    The fact steve blocked exactly how Jesse showed him cracked me tf up🤣🤣🤣

  • Ray Volpe
    Ray VolpeMåned siden

    Y'all should have brought your own ref and had him throw flags and stuff

  • Joshua D
    Joshua DMåned siden

    How can you watch this and not subscribe and leave two likes,

  • Joe Nafso
    Joe NafsoMåned siden

    20:14 pat wanted the smoke😭



    Måned siden


  • martin carley
    martin carleyMåned siden

    Thank god for making Steve!!! That explosion has me dead 😂😭

  • ZT Zain
    ZT ZainMåned siden

    These man need to go London and go to all the different boroughs all the ghettos North west London slums Kilburn Camden harlsden it would be crease but they would fully get fucked up probs stabbed or shot no cap 😂😂 or south or Tottenham Edmonton I would love to see people’s reactions there they would fully bug out on them it’s dangerous though

  • ZT Zain

    ZT Zain

    Måned siden

    Please do this in the ghettos in London I beg

  • Jbowitz
    JbowitzMåned siden

    why you got a grass aquarium in the back yard lmao 12:58 thank me later lol

  • 559mtz
    559mtzMåned siden

    why you let em talk you like that. i have a short temper i’d get pissed tf off and truck his britissssh arse

  • Marc Monsonego
    Marc MonsonegoMåned siden

    Why is 90 always mad. He just kills the vibe.