NELK Is Going To Court!


FULLSEND June Drop June 29th 8:30PMEST:



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"Go" By: The Kid Laroi
"Out of Love" By: Lil Tecca

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  • Tykoko Videos
    Tykoko Videos7 timer siden

    Full send electric guitar please

  • Bryce Vazzano
    Bryce Vazzano4 dager siden

    as a skater i can approve of jessies lesson what not to do with a skateboard. jesus fuck why does everyone mall grab

  • Unolife05
    Unolife054 dager siden

    Thanks to Jesse I know how to hold a Deck

  • Truly Natexi
    Truly Natexi6 dager siden

    These dudes literally are just living life. Bless up man

  • 420


    Dag siden

    This is what i want to do when im older lol

  • aser949
    aser9498 dager siden


  • psykotikoutlaw
    psykotikoutlaw9 dager siden

    Not cool i plug brad she’s gonna be sorry

  • The Luna’s
    The Luna’s10 dager siden

    Those have to be the biggest AirPods I’ve ever seen on the massage person

  • 420


    Dag siden

    @Johneil Mattis yo

  • Johneil Mattis

    Johneil Mattis

    9 dager siden


  • OzContent
    OzContent11 dager siden

    Rip juice 😤

  • 420


    Dag siden

    999 forever

  • I Don't Hit Routers
    I Don't Hit Routers11 dager siden

    You should’ve stole his golf cart 💀💀

  • fricking gamer
    fricking gamer11 dager siden


  • DontBeSad:c !
    DontBeSad:c !12 dager siden

    Man has a whole call of duty class in his home

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez12 dager siden

    It’s so hilarious that they say the FUNNIEST shit but with a straight face so you don’t know if they are being serious or not🤣🤣

  • Xavier Rodriguez

    Xavier Rodriguez

    Dag siden

    Yeah ig your right 💀😭💀

  • 420


    Dag siden

    Its a talent you learn when you do shit like this for a long time

  • Ruben Reynaga
    Ruben Reynaga13 dager siden

    are this the same freaking idiots trowing big parties during the pandemic? How smart is that?

  • JDTheDon
    JDTheDon13 dager siden

    Why do golfers get so pissed 😂

  • G-force Gaming
    G-force Gaming13 dager siden

    was that jason hudson or pitbull who "arrested" bradley lmao

  • jeanRichard Therasse
    jeanRichard Therasse13 dager siden

    When y’all gonna come to New York

  • karl heaton
    karl heaton15 dager siden

    1000 likes and i'll airhorn prank the open at the royal links in lytham st annes (UK) on live TV when its on next year

  • RimjobHimself
    RimjobHimself15 dager siden

    Baylen levine already did the massage moan years ago

  • Antarctica Worldwide

    Antarctica Worldwide

    14 dager siden

    Nobody gives a damn about what he did years ago since he is stealing Danny´s whole aestethic lol

  • RimjobHimself


    15 dager siden


  • jhickssmd
    jhickssmd15 dager siden

    Cool mask dork

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez18 dager siden

    “Did you take that from us” oh my god I was crying of laughter

    KING FRANCO20 dager siden

    Salim woods

  • James Martin
    James Martin20 dager siden

    Is that a Norwich terrier?

  • Dylan Palm
    Dylan Palm20 dager siden


  • Hudson R.
    Hudson R.20 dager siden

    Can we please get a Sandy Nick tee in the drop?

  • OwO
    OwO21 dag siden

    Bruh why is the axe throwing directly next to the bouncy castle

  • Kenneth Dueck
    Kenneth Dueck21 dag siden

    New Shirt idea: Don't Feed Bradley!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kenneth Dueck
    Kenneth Dueck21 dag siden

    Kyle golfing is fucking hilarious! Could Also do a disc golf one on a semi pro competition. Could even sign up for amateur

  • Ron LaFlamme
    Ron LaFlamme22 dager siden

    20:00 who else expected a super not classy saying for the boys right here?

  • Hunter 17
    Hunter 1722 dager siden

    sponsored by under armor but signs a nike hat

  • Wyatt Wiker
    Wyatt Wiker23 dager siden

    Go 🤑🤑🤑🤑📛📛📛📛📛🍑🍑

  • Ruairi O'Neill
    Ruairi O'Neill23 dager siden

    Back to Ireland boys for defs fuck the 5-0 would love to go on the send 😂👌🇮🇪

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez23 dager siden

    Lmfao!! 🤣😂😭🤣

  • GD Txxq0
    GD Txxq024 dager siden

    Kyles face I’m the thumbnail made me laugh idk why lmao

  • Who u looking at
    Who u looking at24 dager siden

    golf people are such nerds

  • Michael Chipman
    Michael Chipman25 dager siden


  • benjamin fleming
    benjamin fleming25 dager siden

    Shout laroi fs man!!

  • Karl Barron
    Karl Barron27 dager siden

    i get the feeling the grommet that found that board would be an absolute lord on camera and would know how to engage

  • Tstewww22
    Tstewww2227 dager siden

    Man why you do my guy Bradley like that? its cool he will survive jail.

  • Daderid
    Daderid27 dager siden

    19:54 you can see the porn playing on the tv

  • McKenna Barclay
    McKenna Barclay27 dager siden

    I don’t know if it’s just the coronavirus scare in me but that girl at 10:50 wiped her sweat and automatically put her hand out to fist bump 😰🤢