Detained trying to enter Russia...


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  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris2 timer siden

    So do they reimburse your money for paid flights when this happens?

  • Jay Hansard
    Jay HansardDag siden

    Good luck getting into Kendall jenner’s dm

  • Elias Schröder
    Elias SchröderDag siden

    You went too the wrong city in germy should have come too my sweet Hamburg man the Kiez would be exactly what you guys like

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick JohnsonDag siden

    WTF was that lady talking about saying Germany is Strick? MY family is from frankfurt.. (I live in the US but family is from there) and you can basically do whatever you want there. You should’ve gone to the red light district downtown it’s nothing but brothels, strip clubs and bars. Germany is great for people like the nelk boys, they have the best beer there imo.

  • Kathoe Satoo
    Kathoe Satoo2 dager siden


  • Mr. Fudlapper
    Mr. Fudlapper6 dager siden

    90s such a prick, ok bud quit and work a 9-5 at McDonald’s lol jokes on you bud

  • Im Penny
    Im Penny6 dager siden

    What was that song called during the dad driving the car skit?

  • SprayNPrayGaming
    SprayNPrayGaming11 dager siden

    You should've collabed with vitaly.

  • Jonas Kruse9
    Jonas Kruse913 dager siden

    you should come to Hamburg on the reeperbahn

  • Alexander Hessum
    Alexander Hessum13 dager siden


  • 7.3s /square-bodyz
    7.3s /square-bodyz15 dager siden

    90 ain't slayin shitt

  • Ryan Zink
    Ryan Zink19 dager siden

    90 the biggest creep ever

  • Alex Okin
    Alex Okin20 dager siden

    so Steve and Celina are in an open relation ish. why don't they just say it why is it a guessing game

  • D-Milli Garage
    D-Milli Garage21 dag siden

    Hey Steve, his anus or anyone to hold anything, they call that a prison wallet 🤣😅

  • DigiLog FPV
    DigiLog FPV24 dager siden

    Them Russian Spies Boyz....

  • JEMK8
    JEMK825 dager siden

    Bro whaat thaa fuuk you guys are lit af 🔥🔥🔥

  • Owen Fisher
    Owen Fisher26 dager siden

    Can’t believe it took y’all this long to realize 90 was a douche

  • FloridaBoy321
    FloridaBoy32128 dager siden

    90: It gets better *It does brother it does*

  • Garret Bearley
    Garret Bearley29 dager siden

    You need to go to japan!

  • ひRudy
    ひRudy29 dager siden

    19:42 😂😂😂😂

  • Clyfa
    ClyfaMåned siden


  • Far_Away_Home
    Far_Away_HomeMåned siden

    bruh in pats scene the joint wasnt even lit lmao

  • Dashiki1217
    Dashiki1217Måned siden

    Pat's intro was my fav

  • Matt Porto
    Matt PortoMåned siden

    Damn. You guys should come to Brazil after this whole Coronga thing pass. Rio de Janeiro, Goiania, the state of nice beautiful girls 🔥🥃🍻🍺 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Vladimir Petrovich
    Vladimir PetrovichMåned siden

    make 90 hit up James Charles

  • Yung Scarecrow
    Yung ScarecrowMåned siden

    We need 9 back

  • Heather Silversmith
    Heather SilversmithMåned siden

    Ok I see the cigarettes putters lol Canadian thing cause I make them Smokes lmao 😂

  • psykotikoutlaw
    psykotikoutlawMåned siden

    That guy from montreal softer than charmin ultra

  • mr.frank
    mr.frankMåned siden

    Go to denmark!

  • Jose Ramos
    Jose RamosMåned siden

    Go to CA please bro

    YO BOI TONYMåned siden

    September 2020

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle DavisMåned siden

    Who else just hates Steve’s squishy face?

  • kendric banks
    kendric banksMåned siden


  • Tryn Kolb
    Tryn KolbMåned siden

    90 sucks

  • Brian
    BrianMåned siden

    9:02 Not only her

  • Roman
    RomanMåned siden

    They call him 90 stead of 9o because he’s getting old

  • Paul A
    Paul AMåned siden

    Lolll kyle is a G 🤣🤣🤣🤣😈

  • Exoticz
    ExoticzMåned siden

    90’s DM part ages like a fine milk

  • YMF Productions
    YMF ProductionsMåned siden

    Add this guy on telegram super deals on cc’s low shipping! swiper0no_swiping

  • Pietro Pesce
    Pietro PesceMåned siden

    We also got my fucken father,the KING OF THE SIN LMAO

  • i like turtles
    i like turtlesMåned siden

    dude 90 is such a buzzkill fuck people like that 🖕🖕

  • Jackson Gates
    Jackson GatesMåned siden

    Ninos DMs are the funniest shit ever

  • Alexzander Galvan
    Alexzander GalvanMåned siden

    Y’all have layovers that are at some crazy places some dope shit you can do during those times 🤩 if the boys only knew

  • Johneil Mattis
    Johneil MattisMåned siden

    Man I actually liked 9 o

  • horizon
    horizonMåned siden

    looking back at these, why wasnt 905 fired sooner, he's dead as fuck no personality

  • Lukas W
    Lukas WMåned siden

    Man those DM’s were fucking embarrassing. Lmao

  • Aaron Mcrannolds
    Aaron McrannoldsMåned siden

    I can not stand 90

  • BiggieMac


    28 dager siden

    then sit down lol

  • Isaac Ramos
    Isaac RamosMåned siden

    90 let's go 💪💪 cuddy a pimp and his boys is hatin on him 💯

  • daniel abar
    daniel abarMåned siden

    Kyle: "You like Ronas?" Me Watching This In 2020: "oooooooof, well that didn't age well"

  • Through Scott’s Eyes
    Through Scott’s EyesMåned siden

    pls find buddy

  • BZN unfunny
    BZN unfunnyMåned siden

    9 O weird

  • GiDS Music
    GiDS MusicMåned siden

    why is 90 not with the program??? i know this is old af but its funny rewatching it like "how did he even end up partying with nelk?

  • Rafael Bastaja
    Rafael BastajaMåned siden

    Damn bro id fuck up 90 if he talked to me like that

  • Sami Yahia
    Sami YahiaMåned siden

    9 0 is a fucking lame ass pussy

  • Evan Herbert
    Evan HerbertMåned siden

    What’s the song at 13:40

  • ynmbeatz
    ynmbeatzMåned siden


  • Kid Wood
    Kid WoodMåned siden

    2:24 "the meths in here!" Lmao steve slays

  • Rodolfo Rudeke
    Rodolfo RudekeMåned siden

    Damn can’t believe you were here Steve. DR is great bro trust me. Come back bro.

  • KJDM
    KJDMMåned siden

    90 just kills vibes

  • Gerry Endersen
    Gerry EndersenMåned siden

    People defending 90 have a small knob

  • Saturn_Ow
    Saturn_OwMåned siden

    He’s dms are funny asf

  • Conner Severcool
    Conner SevercoolMåned siden

    Y’all need to go to japan. Those dudes fuckin SEND IT

  • Slayr0n
    Slayr0nMåned siden

    90 is such a buzzkiller, ungrateful for such a dope opportunity.

  • Mārtiņš Uščins
    Mārtiņš UščinsMåned siden

    I dont understand. Steve has a Gf but fucks other girls? Please explain someone

  • Lil Cuhh

    Lil Cuhh

    Måned siden


  • Gopta Singh
    Gopta SinghMåned siden

    U know what crazy, Russa people give us a hard time entering their country meanwhile the us is like no walk in we got u lmao

  • M. S.

    M. S.

    Måned siden

    I have American friends, that have never had any trouble entering my country. I am not exactly sure what happened in this case, but it is not like that for everyone, just so you know)

  • Daniel Hein
    Daniel HeinMåned siden

    how the fuck you guys ended up in Mainz, Germany.....

  • Blake Blevins
    Blake BlevinsMåned siden

    19:48 what is germany😂

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon LewisMåned siden

    90 is pretty chill

  • Philip G
    Philip GMåned siden

    I kinda don’t feel bad of what happened to 90

  • Glenn Lundholm
    Glenn LundholmMåned siden

    905 is a sucker

  • BabyJ 52st
    BabyJ 52stMåned siden

    14:09 reminds me of a tpb episode lol

  • Aiiden
    AiidenMåned siden

    i hate this 90 guy

  • Alien Network
    Alien NetworkMåned siden

    was steve here for this

  • Zach M
    Zach MMåned siden

    Thank the send gods that 9’0 is gone. Half sender to the tee.

  • Jackson Blake
    Jackson BlakeMåned siden

    90 slide into Medison Beer's dms

  • Miguel Cazares
    Miguel CazaresMåned siden

    9-0 is so fucking lame like his vibe sucks why dont yall just cut him he’s no fun at all its like carrying dead weight salim is way better then 9-0 is the type that you can ask him to do your homework for 1 dollar

  • Im SepT
    Im SepTMåned siden

    The Trailer Park Boys segment was funny asf

  • Mondeezy's Rap NEWZ
    Mondeezy's Rap NEWZMåned siden

    90 is lame asf oh my God he pisses me off

  • Bruno Rivera
    Bruno RiveraMåned siden

    Somebody watching in quarantine??

  • jerryandersmiththe3rd
    jerryandersmiththe3rdMåned siden

    dammnnnn 90 isss a savvaaggee!! hahahahah

  • Abbey Garza
    Abbey GarzaMåned siden

    Steve is american

  • Al Pablo
    Al PabloMåned siden

    I'm glad 90 got dropped, his attitude was shit

  • Locker-Room Dwarf
    Locker-Room DwarfMåned siden


  • ClaPThEmCh33kS
    ClaPThEmCh33kSMåned siden

    Steve the GOAT

  • Blake Johnson Outdoors
    Blake Johnson OutdoorsMåned siden

    Bruh jesse says everyone but the camera mans name

  • yaboyclaudio
    yaboyclaudioMåned siden

    This is like a modern day version of the “Trailer Park Boys”

  • No one Don’t trip

    No one Don’t trip

    Måned siden

    Damn straight facts

  • Brent black
    Brent blackMåned siden

    90 is so nervous he's drinking nothing

  • Demir250
    Demir250Måned siden

    I’m watching this after 90 got kicked now it all makes sense

  • WarnR6


    Måned siden

    I always didn’t like him

  • WarnR6


    Måned siden

    liltwinkie yeah he’s a bitch

  • anth faz
    anth fazMåned siden

    Fuck 90, I’m glad he’s gone

  • Prince Abi
    Prince AbiMåned siden

    Honestly Germany is a better choice place to have fun in anyways 😂

  • bob sag
    bob sagMåned siden

    90 sucks what the fuck is wrong with him

    Baloo DEEP IN THE STREETvMåned siden

    Im new to this channel but i dont think this was filmed in the 90s. Dum young kids

  • jack b

    jack b

    Måned siden

    Uhhhhhhhh sarcasm or for real?

  • OTFeud- _
    OTFeud- _Måned siden

    90 weird

  • dopecello
    dopecelloMåned siden

    Don’t get nerve gassed

  • Skylar Pruitt
    Skylar PruittMåned siden

    2020 gang wya

  • Gregory De Vos
    Gregory De VosMåned siden

    what's the song at 13:20 ?

  • 213 Gonzalez
    213 GonzalezMåned siden

    American pie in real life

  • nadotwins
    nadotwinsMåned siden

    i hate 9-0 so much

  • B A
    B AMåned siden

    They like to party and burn humans

  • Lordy
    LordyMåned siden