Buying all our Employees $50,000 Rolex's!


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  • AndrewFromNY
    AndrewFromNY5 timer siden

    Nelk's manager: Is an alcoholic The rest of Nelk: Has the Send Virus

  • Media News
    Media News14 timer siden

    You gotta admit it tho nobody parties better thank nelk like if I didn’t know any better I’d say they’re mixing adderal and cocaine the way they party

  • Slick TV
    Slick TV22 timer siden

    Was that just a massive grouper i saw

  • Jasmine Clark
    Jasmine ClarkDag siden

    Australia Post could never

  • Angel 95
    Angel 95Dag siden

    Fucking awesome!!!!

  • Shawn Vail
    Shawn Vail2 dager siden

    Gym worker in the backs like broo ima get these guys kicked out one day

  • Matt Mackoul
    Matt Mackoul2 dager siden

    Y’all are fuckin righteous

  • Jerry Herdt
    Jerry Herdt2 dager siden


  • Nickolas Stevenson
    Nickolas Stevenson2 dager siden

    Getting Jay on the darts and chews!

  • King B
    King B2 dager siden


  • Jesus
    Jesus2 dager siden

    i think steve has some sort of thing that makes it so he cant get acohol poisoning dunno

  • Kaleb Kramer
    Kaleb Kramer3 dager siden

    new photo quote" leave it up man its sauce"

  • Stradskie Gaming VLOG
    Stradskie Gaming VLOG6 dager siden

    Subbed since they only had 98k subs... 6 years ago

  • Stradskie Gaming VLOG
    Stradskie Gaming VLOG6 dager siden

    I like it better when they were only 2 of them grinding.

  • Dla MBULO
    Dla MBULO7 dager siden

    wow, very cool !

  • laityn hedrick
    laityn hedrick8 dager siden

    At 16:03 just look at the tv far to the right

  • Fooblee
    Fooblee9 dager siden

    The dude acting buzzed on chew. Cringe.

  • Jo
    Jo9 dager siden

    “We just spent 50000 dollars, we should be able to smoke in here” lol with this money you should maybe get your head checked instead 👍👍

  • محمد الحامد
    محمد الحامد10 dager siden

    So cutee

  • k1d buu
    k1d buu10 dager siden

    bro 20k would pay my sons school for 2 1/2 years single dads need some shit just for us

  • Rabia Yıldız
    Rabia Yıldız10 dager siden

    Love this video

    POLO GV10 dager siden

    Love from my heart

  • Mills Erving
    Mills Erving10 dager siden

    5:26 LOL

  • Seth Boles
    Seth Boles13 dager siden

    not gonna lie when you guys give each other shit its almost some of the best content i guess mrbeast knows the secret

  • Dlcfbpage Admin
    Dlcfbpage Admin13 dager siden

    Man that SONY VEGA you destroyed at your property is worth some serious money man. It’s a nostalgic gem that’s epic for classic games. It hurt my soul when ylu did that.

  • Jack Golden
    Jack Golden15 dager siden

    The editor looks like Vickstar123

  • Matthew Viramontes
    Matthew Viramontes15 dager siden

    Kyle got an iPhone 8 but a iPhone 11 case😂

  • Scott Croft
    Scott Croft16 dager siden

    Not good enough to Steve. He deserves a rollie rollie rollie with a dab of crabs, as well.

  • Jaxson Masterson
    Jaxson Masterson16 dager siden

    Salem would be the type of guy to run back in to a fire to save his satchel lmao 😂

  • Edge Transit
    Edge Transit17 dager siden

    The smart employee will sell the Rolex. 50k just to see the time. Na, sell that and use it for something better.

  • Tasha Rouse
    Tasha Rouse17 dager siden

    Safe and sound

  • Rushud Luke
    Rushud Luke18 dager siden

    rule is rule dude. no matter how much u spend if it says cant smoke then u cant smoke. u cant buy everything unfortunately

  • Tyler Man
    Tyler Man18 dager siden

    Bradley Martin sold me heroin and now I’m hooked

  • Tommy Radon
    Tommy Radon19 dager siden

    Anyone still watch this video?

  • Niagara Falls New York
    Niagara Falls New York19 dager siden

    There was like no girls at that second ucf party

  • Andy Dales
    Andy Dales20 dager siden

    Banging vid! 👍🤪👌

  • ChumminsZ5.9
    ChumminsZ5.921 dag siden

    Bet you wont send me a Rolex! I need to pay some bills!

    ARGO ROZZAH22 dager siden

    Someone please explain what a chew is

  • 1MS18IS035 Harish Patil
    1MS18IS035 Harish Patil23 dager siden

    9-0 got fired or something?

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa23 dager siden

    I wish they bought them something actually of good use throughout life.... like a car, down payment on a house, some shit. But no . A NaMe BrAnD watch

  • Ann Arnatsiaq
    Ann Arnatsiaq24 dager siden


  • Ann Arnatsiaq
    Ann Arnatsiaq24 dager siden

    I wish I bean there ( sorry I speak French I’m from Montreal and I don’t know if I right good "bean" )

  • Joseph Bourke
    Joseph Bourke24 dager siden

    Saleems your guys biggest fan

  • Killian Brown
    Killian Brown25 dager siden

    No way you guys met up with josh that's crazy

  • Wagonburners 1506
    Wagonburners 150625 dager siden

    Y’all hiring

  • Chad Cook
    Chad Cook26 dager siden

    wow, very cool !

  • Davis Williamson
    Davis Williamson26 dager siden

    You should get chef tj one

  • Xzotic Gamerz
    Xzotic Gamerz27 dager siden

    where's my invite to send? ill keep the party lit

  • M O R N E
    M O R N E27 dager siden

    "lets burn this fuckin house down" the host:👁👄👁

  • M O R N E
    M O R N E27 dager siden

    Left a Like coz yall let the shark go😉

  • Hauncho
    Hauncho28 dager siden

    This was the best video. How did it get so many dislikes!

  • Weston's Vlogs
    Weston's Vlogs28 dager siden

    Hello, My name is Weston and I make Nelk style vlogs. I use the same camera and editing software to make everything look really good. Everyone tells me they are really good and entertaining with great edits so I thought I should share with you guys. If you guys would be so kind as to check them out and possibly subscribe that would mean a lot. Thank you and please have a wonderful day! :)

  • Thompson airsoft
    Thompson airsoft28 dager siden

    All the budget went into the copyright lawsuits for "tokyo drift"

  • Trevor C11

    Trevor C11

    4 dager siden


  • audai malkawi
    audai malkawi29 dager siden

    So cutee

  • Brooke Mills
    Brooke Mills29 dager siden

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Maine Peart
    Maine PeartMåned siden

    💯🔥 the ending was blessings

  • juice box
    juice boxMåned siden

    Dam i missed out on college

  • Treydan Burris
    Treydan BurrisMåned siden

    jesse lowkey swole

  • Tykoko Videos
    Tykoko VideosMåned siden

    Full send electric guitar please

  • Tyler w
    Tyler wMåned siden

    Shit like this just aint fair bruh 😭

  • Adam Ali Mohamed
    Adam Ali MohamedMåned siden

    bro this guys production should get more credit. Nice recording and editing.

  • Marksman 802
    Marksman 802Måned siden

    Ay yo you forgot me :'(

    BETTERTHENTVMåned siden

    do those g shocks some up charged? haha

    BETTERTHENTVMåned siden

    he brushed him off, like "no, you look stupid!"ahah

  • Tim McGuire
    Tim McGuireMåned siden


  • Lance A
    Lance AMåned siden

    I love full send i hope they keep making videos forever I hope they make there own TV show with all the shit they do can't wait to buy some full send official qear

  • Mamama Papapa
    Mamama PapapaMåned siden

    Imaging seeing people get Rolex on your birthday

  • Jesse Perez
    Jesse PerezMåned siden

    Next t shirt idea “ I am a Sendatict”

  • TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N
    TrAiLeRpArKpiMp NMåned siden

    Can I get a Rolex please... Don't hurt to ask I guess.

  • slayer 1
    slayer 1Måned siden

    1:30 never be seen around the homies no more not without them talking big s*** about the b**** mobile

  • Marc Andrew Fautre
    Marc Andrew FautreMåned siden

    Salim is terrible 905 was better

  • Immortal EsportsTV
    Immortal EsportsTVMåned siden

    This should be on discovery nd shit

  • pablo rocha
    pablo rochaMåned siden

    Shit i think I deserve a Rolex too

  • Harry Byrne
    Harry ByrneMåned siden

    When did the guy from get out join the nelk

  • T M S
    T M SMåned siden

    SENDDICTION = addiction to the send

  • cutiy
    cutiyMåned siden

    salems third yell fucking haddddd meeeee

  • Salvador Rocha
    Salvador RochaMåned siden

    Song @ 13:02?

  • Adriano Guccéo
    Adriano GuccéoMåned siden

    Guys look if you wear a mask and just keep your self protected then it’s oaky to go out and have fun as long as you keep your mask off and always put hand sanitizer when you touch someone or something

  • King James
    King JamesMåned siden

    I gotta cop me a FULL SEND t-shirt 👕

  • Kimber 10MM
    Kimber 10MMMåned siden

    Damn thats messed up do that infront of the chief.. you get a watch! you get a watch!! YOU GET A WATCH!!! CHIEF!! You got that cake ready..?

  • Famous West
    Famous WestMåned siden

    Nelk is like 2020 girls gone wild

  • Jared
    JaredMåned siden

    to be fair only one of the shouldve been over 10k

  • Jared


    Måned siden

    $50,000 total

  • Hex
    HexMåned siden

    wheres my rolex???

  • alessandra tararan
    alessandra tararanMåned siden

    0:53 What's wrong with it?

  • dylan jordan
    dylan jordanMåned siden

    Nicotine hits people different bro lol. My buddy smoked a cigar for like 6 puffs and puked all night. Me I could have a horseshoe hog packed and be fine haha. Feel bad for that dude. Hahha

  • Ollie Hall
    Ollie HallMåned siden

    wtf!! 16:02 the dragon on tv matches his sound

  • Pojk
    PojkMåned siden

    13:19 pause every frame

  • Graham Appleby
    Graham ApplebyMåned siden

    Bam Margera started these careers

  • Lil Rascal
    Lil RascalMåned siden

    Ok this was a dope episode

  • Taylor _
    Taylor _Måned siden

    Next u guys should do something big for your assistants

  • your boi Gaming
    your boi GamingMåned siden

    We all know that one girl at that second party is the main character

  • Eli Onufriychuk
    Eli OnufriychukMåned siden

    this video made me so happy

  • Drew Nation
    Drew NationMåned siden

    Hope I become rich and buy my family things they’ve never had

  • Drew Nation

    Drew Nation

    Måned siden

    Retard Slayer thanks for the confidence

  • Retard Slayer

    Retard Slayer

    Måned siden

    you won’t

  • Jason Reyes
    Jason ReyesMåned siden

    the 2nd speech was inspirational

  • Craig Trevor Weichmann
    Craig Trevor WeichmannMåned siden

    Proof that money doesn't equal class

  • Through Scott’s Eyes
    Through Scott’s EyesMåned siden

    buddy pls

  • GiDS Music
    GiDS MusicMåned siden

    "white claws an alcoholic beverage" "is it?!" shit killed me

    JOE BROOKSMåned siden


  • Can I get 50k subs with videos ?
    Can I get 50k subs with videos ?Måned siden

    Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 😇🙏🏼☺️

  • Jalen Batts
    Jalen BattsMåned siden

    Nothing like having a lip in while watching this