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This video sucks horn

This video sucks horn

NELK Is Going To Court!

NELK Is Going To Court!


  • Scythe Wielder
    Scythe Wielder8 timer siden

    Sike, there was actual cocaine in the coke bottles

  • Jacob Hout
    Jacob Hout8 timer siden

    yo kyle please let me buy that id card!

  • Jesis Maharjan
    Jesis Maharjan8 timer siden

    That belt part was the funniest

  • Alexis Ponce
    Alexis Ponce8 timer siden

    SALIM "its hot for no reason" meanwhile in a freakin desert lmao

  • Plato Lleno
    Plato Lleno8 timer siden

    The 30 min videos are amazing

  • Josh M.
    Josh M.8 timer siden

    I saw nelk get on stage with President Trump in real life, best thing ever

  • Jeremy Weber
    Jeremy Weber8 timer siden


  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf8 timer siden

    Girls in these events are so plastic and boring

  • Cole Masker
    Cole Masker8 timer siden

    This video is so underrated it deserves better it was amazing

  • Brandon William
    Brandon William8 timer siden

    Banger boys!!

  • Cole Masker
    Cole Masker8 timer siden

    This seriously looks like a trip of a lifetime you guys are blessed🙌

  • Thomas Watson
    Thomas Watson8 timer siden

    They did a good job of blurring that bird's face

  • Pllxyy
    Pllxyy8 timer siden

    where is jessie

  • Zachary N
    Zachary N8 timer siden

    Let’s goooo!

  • Mr. Wolf
    Mr. Wolf8 timer siden

    Ed Bassmaster is the MAN!!!

  • four gee
    four gee8 timer siden

    rona szn forever you guys manifested covid i love it

  • Matthew Howie
    Matthew Howie8 timer siden

    02:25 Land Of The Free?! Yeah? This type of shit would never happen in 'socialist' Europe. Enjoy your 'freedom', pardners! Yeehaw!!

  • Clutch
    Clutch8 timer siden

    Seems like Jesse getting pushed out like 905 😭

  • Austin Connors
    Austin Connors8 timer siden

    After watching them for so long I honestly couldn’t be happier for Kyle. That guy puts in fucking work and it payed off big time!

  • Jenny Jones
    Jenny Jones9 timer siden

    Holy crap! You guys witnessed history and were funny as hell!

  • Blaze Cave
    Blaze Cave9 timer siden

    Steve needs to do a everclear slam. Everclear is 95% alc

  • Edward Hart
    Edward Hart9 timer siden

    I am so glad you AH are Canadian and not from the US

  • idk
    idk9 timer siden

    Back when nelk was good

  • Minty skills
    Minty skills9 timer siden


  • Dylan Mazza
    Dylan Mazza9 timer siden

    Vote Trump 2020 and lock up the mask nazis😂

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw9 timer siden

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Taber Thistle
    Taber Thistle9 timer siden

    This is so ballerific my boys I'm hella proud of how far you have all come I think this was all of you're really made it a class status plz dont let it get to any of your guys heads and continue to stay u money isn't everything

  • mut myles
    mut myles9 timer siden

    are they still cool with 9-0 like friends but he dont work with them or sumin

  • Dylan Aguilar
    Dylan Aguilar9 timer siden

    Good job salim

  • Jawad Haddad
    Jawad Haddad9 timer siden

    Wow what an episode! It truly doesnt get better than this! Wooooowwww

  • J H
    J H9 timer siden

    i rememmmmmmmmmmmmmmmber my first beer..........

  • Iamwill
    Iamwill9 timer siden

    🔥🔥🔥 Full Send!!!!!

  • Leinad Selcce
    Leinad Selcce9 timer siden

    Trolling MAGA then get invited up on stage to dance with Trump! You boys better be voting for the orange man!

  • Sunny G
    Sunny G9 timer siden

    poor bird, should be flying free

  • Jeremy Howard
    Jeremy Howard9 timer siden

    11:56 isnt that that guy from tiktok??

  • Sandberg29
    Sandberg299 timer siden

    Yooo who split Salim!?!?

  • Sam Petschauer
    Sam Petschauer9 timer siden

    coke is filled with coke lol

  • caleb shores
    caleb shores9 timer siden

    9-0 ur a lame and got embarrassed n u got pressed lmao

  • John Beltran
    John Beltran9 timer siden

    When Kyle yelled well doing the test had me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith9 timer siden

    so many dumb people drinking and messing around in abu dhab...

  • chat0ren0
    chat0ren09 timer siden

    the boys with Dana, legendary!

  • Nova Ghostet
    Nova Ghostet9 timer siden

    Jag meet

  • mut myles
    mut myles9 timer siden

    i never realized how 9-0 leaving led to nelk becoming an empire and adding salim brad and steve so ig him getting the boot was good

  • tlads
    tlads9 timer siden

    Looking back on these videos i never realized that 905 was such a shitty frickin vibe jeeezzzus

  • Ronan Chatterji
    Ronan Chatterji9 timer siden

    Anyone here after the boys met trump?

  • Ronan Chatterji
    Ronan Chatterji9 timer siden

    Anyone here after the boys met trump?

  • james murillo
    james murillo9 timer siden

    Scrips are killing your channel

  • 2020
    20209 timer siden

    Trump 2020

  • Nate Escalante
    Nate Escalante9 timer siden

    Went from sellin in 2hrs to 2minutes🚀🚀💯

  • Steven Vargas
    Steven Vargas9 timer siden

    crazy video 🔥

  • Binyomin Stern
    Binyomin Stern9 timer siden

    The cameraman gotta stop moving so much

  • Hypeademic Films
    Hypeademic Films9 timer siden

    Salim had a black swollen eye what happened

  • Logan Heath
    Logan Heath10 timer siden

    this reminds me of the office lol

  • Gutifilmedit
    Gutifilmedit10 timer siden

    That’s why 90 gone he mean to steve😤🥶🥵👏😔

  • Snurre86
    Snurre8610 timer siden

    2:25 I would have left the plane really fast that guy is unstable. He is the type to crash the plane.

  • marcos landeros
    marcos landeros10 timer siden

    Steve love you kyle Ur the fucking man if it wasn't for yu nelk wouldn't be nelk but where in the hell is Jesse man get him right all bs aside I see just make him right an keep it moving yall are the goats of NOlocal no matter how many subscribers let's keep it that way stay up

  • justin8771
    justin877110 timer siden

    Damn sad that Jesse couldn’t make it cuz of COVID he will be back soon tho maybe in a few weeks if he’s negative the next test

  • Snare Drummin
    Snare Drummin10 timer siden

    Anyone know the song at 24:51

  • Jade Sanson
    Jade Sanson10 timer siden

    I'll out drink Steve come to kansas city missouri boys😂

  • Indika Jepara
    Indika Jepara10 timer siden


  • HoaxSND
    HoaxSND10 timer siden

    Yoooo Nelk hass been close to my house in that hockey rink in sweden WTF?!?!?

  • RiK Rivine
    RiK Rivine10 timer siden

    im back becuase the ufc. sup nelk boys

  • justin8771
    justin877110 timer siden

    That’s crazy they got to actually chill wit Dana 💪🏽💪🏽amazing nelk boys are better than ever and the trump thing funny af too Lmaoo he reposted it 😂😂

  • Aodhan McAlinden
    Aodhan McAlinden10 timer siden

    This vid was unreal holy fuck couldn’t stop laughin😂

  • Nicolas Martinez
    Nicolas Martinez10 timer siden

    Where tf is Jesse

  • YD Payroll
    YD Payroll9 timer siden


  • Ronan Chatterji
    Ronan Chatterji10 timer siden

    Anyone here after the boys met trump?

  • Danny Enright
    Danny Enright10 timer siden

    Just came back to this video after years. Had no idea this was Nelk lmao

  • kevinb9739
    kevinb973910 timer siden

    Was cool seeing Khabib... rest in peace to his father! Edit: TRUMP 2020

  • Joseph Gutierrez
    Joseph Gutierrez10 timer siden

    Wat happen to salim wtffff

  • ryan orr
    ryan orr10 timer siden

    Steve you are so generous man, keep doing your thing.

  • datboi_lame 773
    datboi_lame 77310 timer siden

    Damm free that bird 🐦 🦅

  • Ryan Rivera
    Ryan Rivera10 timer siden

    he is going to yuck

  • youngsmarts
    youngsmarts10 timer siden

    Girl:What is being filmed? Kyle: It's a documentary called "The rise of the Florida Fury" LOOOL

  • banana army
    banana army10 timer siden

    Supreme x FULL SEND 🤔🤔

  • Burt Tantallaski
    Burt Tantallaski10 timer siden

    This video is probably why Trump invited them today

  • hunterj
    hunterj10 timer siden

    Dana white seems like a big chiller

  • The Real TK-Dragon!
    The Real TK-Dragon!10 timer siden

    Only crime committed was that lady calling the cops when no crime was committed.

  • EVGen
    EVGen10 timer siden

    17:00 - why so many british are there?

  • [OLD] Kaiajn
    [OLD] Kaiajn10 timer siden

    whos hyped to see what they did while meeting trump lol

  • Shifts _19
    Shifts _1910 timer siden

    10:39 banks look like he 10ft tall